Better claymations in the future..

2007-08-13 11:33:46 by dunebug29

ok, my first claymation so far has an overall score of 2, probably barely passing judgment. So lets just go with it wasnt that great. BUT, I am not finished making claymations (aw man..) because I know that i WILL do better. I noticed that it was very slow-paced (in some parts) and i can improve on that. So I will eventually come up with a new one, maybe in a couple of days.

**update 8/17/07** The claymation will be delayed due to many programs not responding, not working well, major lagging, and not installed properly. My idea is usually to uninstall a program and then install it again, but for some reason, the program i want to uninstall isnt on the remove programs list...


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