Some people need to read the DESCRIPTION...

2007-08-12 20:26:42 by dunebug29

i uploaded my first claymation on 8/12/07 and it got OKAY reviews, i mean, i dont care all that much what score it gets, as long as it gets past judgement. But anyways, i noticed some people complaining about not downloading an preloader (even though as I pointed out in the DESCRIPTION, I DID download one, I started having problems with the preloader, and i DID NOT PUT ONE), that their was no sounds (as i mentioned, again, in the DESCRIPTION that I just decided not to put sounds until later in the animations...) ok, i decided not to put any. But if SOME of you read the DESCRIPTION to the video, you really wouldnt be complaining and whining about things I TYPED INTO THE DESCRIPTION!! But you know what? Im going to give in to all of your complaining, and ONCE AGAIN try to put in a preloader.
Happy now?


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2010-06-21 07:41:01

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