2007-09-13 22:28:26 by dunebug29

the claymations (the better ones) have been completely forgotten to me. And i wont be able to prove that they are better than the one i have now because i wont upload them for a while. I mean sure, I have the time to actually ANIMATE them (which i still...havent...done..), but i just need the voices. So DONT EXPECT ANYTHING YET! (as if anyone will read this...)

School, claymations, and...other stuff..

2007-08-22 21:02:17 by dunebug29

In four days, school will start and i have my claymations in progress. Expect 2 or three new ones before Sunday. And this time, they will have sounds, including dialoge, sound effects, and whatever else is needed.

**updated 8/25/07** WOOPSIE! I wont have the claymations by tomorrow. Too many stupid things going on. Uhg.

I also want to whore this group that two of my friends created. javascript:MakeSmileySelection(10);

UnderSHOK! Picture Contests on Myspace!

School, claymations, and...other stuff..

Better claymations in the future..

2007-08-13 11:33:46 by dunebug29

ok, my first claymation so far has an overall score of 2, probably barely passing judgment. So lets just go with it wasnt that great. BUT, I am not finished making claymations (aw man..) because I know that i WILL do better. I noticed that it was very slow-paced (in some parts) and i can improve on that. So I will eventually come up with a new one, maybe in a couple of days.

**update 8/17/07** The claymation will be delayed due to many programs not responding, not working well, major lagging, and not installed properly. My idea is usually to uninstall a program and then install it again, but for some reason, the program i want to uninstall isnt on the remove programs list...

i uploaded my first claymation on 8/12/07 and it got OKAY reviews, i mean, i dont care all that much what score it gets, as long as it gets past judgement. But anyways, i noticed some people complaining about not downloading an preloader (even though as I pointed out in the DESCRIPTION, I DID download one, I started having problems with the preloader, and i DID NOT PUT ONE), that their was no sounds (as i mentioned, again, in the DESCRIPTION that I just decided not to put sounds until later in the animations...) ok, i decided not to put any. But if SOME of you read the DESCRIPTION to the video, you really wouldnt be complaining and whining about things I TYPED INTO THE DESCRIPTION!! But you know what? Im going to give in to all of your complaining, and ONCE AGAIN try to put in a preloader.
Happy now?

Dunebug's Claymations

2007-08-07 22:04:21 by dunebug29

For those of you who have read the previous update to this topic, I tested the movie for my clay animation, and it sucked. But right now, I will be making short clay animations that are 40 seconds to at least 1 minute long, tops.

New Game MAYBE

2007-07-30 10:50:19 by dunebug29

I got a program where i can create my own games (since i SUCK at flash) and ive been working on a script....and i got nothing. But ill have it finished....in a couple of months. Hopefully. But school is gonna drain all that is Dunebug29 (me, no DUH) and...who knows, i might not even be able to make it. I have until August 27, 2007 before school starts AGAIN, and knowing that i failed ELA with a 50 in the beginning of the year last year, this year is going to be WORSE. Seriously, i dont even know what kind of game it will be, and i understand it can take over half a year to finish...so i will try my best. I have worked on scripts for videos and such, but this is more serious (serious???) then my shitty script videos.
*sniff* hold me...

New Game MAYBE